Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Baby Pics


Here are a few pic's of Gita's Babies They are doing just fine. They are finally emerging out of the Box and exploring the cage. They seem to be eating just fine and they are very active ( A good Sign during rehab ). Gita was so happy when I separated Her from the Babies, She is free now to Move around without 10 little critters in Her pouch. She will also gain weight faster, so She can Be released soon. The Babies look a little nervous because I had to open the little box and it Disturbed them. They are eating a complete diet of dry kitten food, along with assorted fruits And veggies. They love apples especially. Soon I will introduce them to chicken bones so they Can get the feel of scavenging in the wild. Most important their main nutrition comes from the Nutritionally complete kitten food. Babies especially need to have a balanced diet to help them Develop properly, just like any other animal. They can be released when they are 11 inches long, Not including the tail, or one pound in weight, these little fellas have a long way to go yet.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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